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The surname HAWTHORNE is locative in origin, that is, it refers to a place or a feature of the landscape where the original bearer lived or owned land. In this case the feature is a Hawthorn (from Old English haguthorn), or the place name in Co. Durham. The earliest record of the surname is in England; William de Hagethorn is listed in the Feodarium Prioratus Dunelmensis in 1155. Henry atte Hauthorn appears in the Subsidy Rolls for Worcestershire in 1327. The Hawthornes were well established in Galloway as propietors of Meikle or Over Aires in the parish of Kirkinner. They first appear in the parish records in 1455 as the Chamberlain accounts "for 15 balls farinae avenaticae" (oatmeal) of the escheat of Daude Halthorn. The family became kindlie tenants on the lands of Airies under the Church, and "Sir" Mychaell Hathorne was reader in toskertoun in the first list of reformed clergy. The name was first introduced to Ireland from Scotland during the Ulster Plantation of the early seventeenth centuary. Although not sufficiently established to be counted as "Principal names" in the census of 1659, there were undoubtedly settlers of that name already present. In the census of 1890, twenty seven families of the name are recorded in Ireland, 23 of these in Ulster, where they were and still are mainly to be found in Antrim, Down and Armagh.


(John Hawthorne's father was Thomas Hawthorne, John's wife's father was Henry Hamilton, first son born to them was named  Thomas Henry Hawthorne.)

In the Griffiths Valuations of County Down, 1864 these are some of the Hawthorne families living in Ballygowan
Hawthorn         Mary               Ballygowan            Aghaderg     Down
Hawthorn         Robert             Ballygowan            Aghaderg     Down
Hawthorne        (Thomas)             Ballygowan            Aghaderg     Down
Hawthorne        William            Ballygowan            Aghaderg     Down

In the 1863 Valuation of Tenements for Ballygowan, Thomas hawthorne rented from James Waddle, house and garden, land size14 perches

John Hawthorne's father was Thomas Hawthorne, 


The earliest records begin with Thomas Hawthorne a weaver from Ballygown, in the townland of Scarva, County Down. born circa 1815, died 1886, no record of his wife's name is given, Thomas  Hawthorne and his wife had a son named John. born circa1848 in Ballygowan.

John Hawthorne, son of Thomas Hawthorne married  Susan Hamilton  in Seapatrick Church of Ireland on 19th.July 1868, witnesses at John Hawthorne and Susan Hamilton's wedding were Hugh and Essy McCormack, nee Hamilton, the Minister was Wilson George

Hugh McCormick married Esther (Essy) Hamilton 19 April 1868, Hugh McCormick's father was William McCormick, Esther McCormick nee Hamilton's father was William Hamilton


Parents of Susan Hamilton.


HAMILTON, Henry Marriage
Wife: Priscilla Harpur
Marriage Date: 26 Mar 1847 Recorded in: Banbridge, Down, Ireland
Collection: Civil Registration
Husband's Father: Henry HAMILTON
Wife's Father: John Harpur

In the 1863 Valuation of Tenements for Seapatrick, Henry Hamilton rented a house, forge and small garden from Olivia Crawford

Hamilton notes



John  Hawthorne and Susan Hawthorne nee Hamilton's family

Thomas Henry Hawthorne, born Loughbrickland, May 6th. 1871, Thomas Hawthorne married Emily Hale, 22. July 1895 in Scarva Street Presbyterian Church

Margaret Jane Hawthorne, born Loughbrickland, 26th. Oct. 1872  married John Scott, a soldier in the Labour Corps 6 Nov. 1915, Scarva Street Presbyterian Church, witnesses at the wedding were William and Olive Campbell. There were no children in this marriage.John Scott came from Belfast, he lived with his father James Scott and his sister Olive
John Hawthorne, born Loughbrickland, 12th. Sept. 1874, no information can be found regarding this John Hawthorne.

Susan,(Susanna) Hawthorne nee Hamilton, wife of John Hawthorne died age 62, 1908 in Banbridge.

John Hawthorne, husband of Susan Hawthorne nee Hamilton died 1919 Banbridge

Thomas Henry Hawthorne, Marriage date, 22nd. July 1895, Thomas Hawthorne, Bachelor, Railway Porter, Banbridge, Father, John Hawthorne, Weaver.
Emily Hale, Spinster, Banbridge, Father, John Hale, Fireman.
In the Presence of, John Arnott and Jane Arnott, Thomas Boyd. 22nd. July 1895, Scarva Street Presbyterian Church


The family of Thomas Henry and Emily Selina Hawthorne. nee Hale

John Hawthone, born, Banbridge,  Dec. 12th.1896, Killed in France 1915, John Hawthorne was not married. worked as a Baker before joining the army.

Maria Florence Hawthorne, (Flo) born, Banbridge  31st. July,1898, Banbridge, died in Lanark , Scotland 1978. Maria Florence Hawthorne married William James Kelly from Dromore in Scarva St. Presbyterian Church Banbridge  on November 11th. 1932 , they had four children.
Raymond, William James, Phyllis and Irene.

Margaret Jane (Madge) Hawthorne, born, Banbridge 30th.Oct.1899, died Belfast 5th March 1976. Margaret Jane Hawthorne, married Samuel Purdy, son of William and Annabella Purdy,  from Belfast in 1925, they had five children, William, James, Leita, Marina, Irene, Samuel Purdy died 28th.Oct.1952 age 51, William Purdy father of Samuel . died 28th. Sept. 1950, Buried in the City Cemetary, Glenalina extension, plot N1 157, Henrietta Burnett, age 40,married,  died 4th. June 1960, William Purdy age 76, died 28th.Sept 1950, Margaret Jane Purdy nee Hawthorne, age 67, died 5th March 1976, Samuel Purdy husband of Margaret Jane Purdy ,age 51, died 28th. Oct. 1952

Sarah (Sadie) Hawthorne, born, Banbridge 8th Feb. 1903, died May 26 1954 in Newtownards Hospital, Sarah Hawthorne married Reuben Cree, son of Hugh and Elizabeth Cree, Bangor. At Scarva Street Presbyterian Church, Banbridge on the 7th December 1925 and the marriage was carried out by Rev.William Moore. The witnesses were Thomas Dickson (Reuben Cree's cousin) and Susan Hawthorne (Sarah's sister Ena), they had nine children, Emily Selina (Selina - Born 9 Nov. 1926), Hugh (Born 27 Nov. 1927, Elizabeth (Lily/Liz Born on 1 April 1930), John (Born on 3 October 1931), Margaret (Born 23 Oct. 1933, Ruby (Born 14 March 1937 - Died 9 Aug 2009), Henry (Harry Born on 1 January 1940, Herbert (Herbie- Born 14 October 1941 - Died 3 Jan. 1946) and William (Billy- Born 1 October 1946).

 Susannah (Ena) Hawthorne, born, Banbridge 12th. April 1905, died 14th Feb. 1999 in Bangor, Susan Hawthorne married Henry Irvine from Carrickfergus in 1927, they had six children, Thomas, Lily, James, Edna, Edmond and Herbert.

Thomas Henry Hawthorne, (Tommy) born, Banbridge 27th June 1910, died 16th Dec. 1993, Banbridge, Thomas Henry Hawthorne married Dora Cosgrove from Ballyroney, Katesbridge in 1935, Dora Hawthorne nee Cosgrove died 16th Jan. 2001. They had three children, Thomas (Born on 14 April 1937- Died 10 April 2012), Iris and Dora

Herbert Hawthorne, (Herbie) born Banbridge, 22nd. May 1912, died 10th. August 1992. In Ballynahinch. Herbert Hawthorne married Nancy Orr, from Garnkirk, Lanarkshire, Scotland on 10th.August 1951, Nancy Hawthorne nee Orr died 12th Aug. 1988 in Bangor. They had one child, Allison

Edward Carson Hawthorne, (Carson) born Banbridge, 30th. May 1914, died 1st. March 2007 , married Margareta, Hamilton McDowell, (Greta) from Dromore on 19 May 1938, in Dromore Catherdal. Margreta Hawthorne nee McDowell died April 1976.They had five children, Herbert,, Greta (died September 2012), James, Doreen and Reginald.

Edward Carson Hawthorne, bachelor, weaver. married Margareta Hamilton McDowell, 19. May 1938, Dromore Catherdal. Residence at time of marriage 3 Friars Place, Banbridge, father, Thomas Henry Hawthorne, occupation watchman, witnesses at wedding were Thomas Henry Hawthorne and Mrs. Hawthorne
Margareta Hamilton McDowell, Belleney Dromore, age 19, father John McDowell, occupation painter,

Notes for Edward Carson Hawthorne’s wife,. Margareta, (Greta) McDowell’s family

Margareta Hamilton McDowell , (Greta) Wife of Edward Carson Hawthorne, Parents

John McDowell and Margaret McDowell, nee Turner, married 10. Feb. 1916, Dromore Cathedral, witnesses, James and Sarah Brown, their family.

John McDowell, Head, painter, born 1887, father, Watson McDowell
Margaret McDowell, nee Turner, Wife born 1894
Emily Stuart Watson McDowell and Margareta Hamilton McDowell,(Greta) (Twins)13th May 1919, born Lisnaward, Dromore.

(EMILY STEWART WATSON TRUMP (nee MCDOWELL) Peacefully on June 23, 2010, Mom entered into eternal rest, joining her husband Norman Edgar who predeceased her in 1975. Emily was also predeceased by her brother John, her twin sister Magreta Hawthorne and sons-in-law George and Richard. She is survived by two sisters, Sarah of Winnipeg, Mary of Northampton, England, one brother, Alexander of Belfast, Northern Ireland, children Sandra, John (Ann), Sally, Leslie (Allan), Larry (Debbie), Ray (Deb), 10 grandchildren and great-grandchildren residing in Winnipeg and Edmonton, along with nieces and nephews in England, Northern Ireland and New Zealand. Emily was born May 13, 1919 in Lisnaward, Dromore, County Down, Northern Ireland, the eldest daughter of John and Margaret McDowell. The family moved to Belfast at the time of the Great Depression. Amidst the celebrations at the end of the war, Emily met the love of her life, a young serviceman with the R.C.A.F. Fleet Air Arm on special detachment to the R.A.F. She married him in Torquay, England on September 9, 1945)

Sarah Elizabeth McDowell, 31st. March 1922, born Lisnaward, Dromore
Alexander McDowell, 19th. July 1923 born Ballyboley
John McDowell, 11th. June 1927, born Ballyboley.
May Isobel McDowell, 26th. July1930, born Ballywhisken

Margaret Turner wife of John McDowell her family.

 House 32 in Balleney (Quilly, Down) 1911

Mitchell Turner, head, age 50, C.O.I., cambric weaver.
Margaret Turner, wife, age 40
Lizzie, age 21, hemstitcher
James, age 15, cambric weaver
Martha Sarah, age 11
Margaret Anna, age 17,married John McDowell, 10. Feb. 1916,
Maggie, age 4
Thomas, age 6 months


Notes for Thomas Henry Hawthorne, husband of Emily Hale

Thomas Henry Hawthorne was born May 6th. 1871 in Loughbrickland, and died in Banbridge 1952, His father John Hawthorne was a linen weaver, in the 1901 census, born in Ballygowan 1845, his mothers name was Susan Hawthorne nee Hamilton, born 1850 in Belevy, Banbridge the daughter of Henry Hamilton, and Priscilla Harper, Henry Hamilton was a Blacksmith in Banbridge.   Grandfather of Thomas Henry Hawthorne was Thomas Hawthorne a weaver from Loughbrickland, born circa 1815

Thomas Henry Hawthorne joined the South Down Militia at the early age of 17 and at the outbreak of the South African war he went with the Rifles and took part in the relief of Ladysmith, he attained the rank of sergeant, and again when war was declared in 1914 he rejoined the army and served till 1918. In that conflict he lost his eldest son John.
Two of his other sons Thomas and Carson served throughout the 1939/45 war.

On return to civil life in 1918 Thomas Henry Hawthorne, a staunch loyalist, joined the Ulster Special Constabulary and served with the force for 24 years. One of the oldest members of the Orange Order, he was associated with L. O. L. No. 123 and the Royal Black Preceptory 131 and was a past Master of both Lodges


Presbyterian Church In Ireland -- Roll of Honour 1914-1919
Extract for the Congregation of Banbridge, Scarva Street
Hawthorne Thomas,  Reilly Street, Sergeant, 5th Batt. R.I.R. (
The Royal South Down Militia (Light Infantry) became the 5th (Militia) Battalion
The Royal Irish Rifles with its headquarters at Downpatrick
) Army number 1334
Hawthorne John, Reilly Street, Joined the 5th Batt. R.I.R. in Downpatrick, 1915 and was later transferred to1st. Batt. R.I.R.

Initials: J
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Rifleman
Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Rifles
Unit Text: "C" Coy. 1st Bn.
Age: 18
Date of Death: 09/05/1915
Service No: 5241
Additional information: Son of Thomas and Emily Hawthorne, of 7, Factory View, Banbridge, Co. Down.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 40.

(I applied for the medals of John Hawthorne which were lost, and sent them on to Carson Hawthorne some years ago)

Thomas Henry Hawthorne, Emily Hawthorne and John Hawthorne, Reilly street all signed the Ulster Covenant.


Banbridge Courthouse, July 15, 1932, Loyalists Attacks on Pilgrims, The following were each sentenced to Three Months imprisonment with hard labour, and bound to keep the peace for two years,  at Banbridge for unlawful assembley at Tullyraine, Tullyhenan, and Ballyvalley on the last day of the Bucharistic Congress in Dublin. Robert Baird, Ballydown, Thomas, H. Hawthorne, Robert Dunlop, Alma Oliver, William McComb, John, A. Lurring, Samuel Russell, James, H. Carson, John, G. Armstrong, William, J. Jennings, Banbridge and Charles Cunningham, Ballievey.

Constable Keenan while on duty on the Dromore road, at 1.45 am. said that several motorists coming from the direction of Belfast complained that some of their cars were struck by sticks and stones, he then met five men carrying sticks, he took their names, near Dromore a number of other men ran away. a number of barrels were placed across the road outside Banbridge. William Shooter from Carrickfergus said his car was struck with a stick, just outside Banbridge, Thomas McComiskey, Belfast said he was motoring with his wife and family to Camlough, he saw about 20 men on the roadside, one of whom struck his car with a stick.

It appears to me that the sentences were appealed against and the accused were found not guilty, as Thomas Henry Hawthorne was in the Ulster Special Constabulary at this time, this is only my thoughts. Raymond



Birth dates on the census can not be relied upon


Addresses of Thomas Henry Hawthorne & Emily Selina Hawthorne nee Hale

In the 1901 Banbridge census of Ireland Residents of the house 67 Scarva St.

Emily Hawthorne, age 25, head of family
Florence Hawthorne, daughter, age 2.
Maggie Hawthorne, daughter, age 1
Mary Hale, nee Crossey, mother, age
was given as 54, this was a mistake, Mary Hale the wife of St. John Hale ,(Sinjon Hale) was age 72 in the year the census was taken.


In the 1911 Banbridge census at 48 Reilly St.

Thomas Henry Hawthorne, head, age 38, Stoker in Gasworks
Emily Hawthorne, wife, age 36
John Hawthorne, son, age 14, Baker
Maria Florence, daughter, age 12, Scholar
Margaret Jane Hawthorne, daughter, age 11, Scholar
Sarah Hawthorne, daughter, age 8, Scholar
Susannah Hawthorne, daughter, age 6, Scholar
Thomas Henry Hawthorne, son, age 9 Months


In the 1901 Banbridge census, residents of the house at 2 Meeting House road,

John Hawthorne, linen weaver, age 45, Presbyterian, married, born Ballygowan
Susanna, wife, age 55, born Belevy, Banbridge
Margaret Jane, daughter, age 26, Linen drawer, born Ballygowan, single
John Hawthorne, son, age 24, single, linen weaver
John Hawthorne, grandson, age 4
Lizzie McCullough, boarder, age 12


n the 1911 Banbridge census, residents of the house at 6 Meeting House road

John Hawthorne, weaver,  widower, age 58, father of Thomas Henry Hawthorne
Margaret Jane Hawthorne, daughter, age 36, Drawer in
John Hawthorne, son, age 34, weaver

The Hamilton's



Hale Genealogy


Richard Hale born 1795, Drumnavaddy, died 7th. May 1875 age 80, married Jane Renshaw ,born 1796, died 1865 age 68,

Family of Richard & Jane 

William Hale, born 17th. Jan. 1829, died 16th. March 1881
St. John Hale, born 1831, died Jan. 1899, Mary Crossey his wife died Dec. 1908 age 80.                       
Richard Hale, born 9th. March 1841, died 28th. April 1906, Mary his wife born 31st May 1840 died 22nd Sept. 1924
Francis Hale, born 1832, died 30th. Dec 1924 age 92. Elizabeth McSpadden his wife died 8th., Jan.1908 age 74.
Mary Anne Hale, born 1828, married Samuel Mercer, Seapatrick Church, 9 Aug. 1850

Family of Francis Hale and Elizabeth McSpadden

Male child born, 24 March 1871
Elizabeth, born, 20 Dec. 1873
Mary Anne, born, 20 July 1869


Parents of  Emily Selina Hale, wife of Thomas Henry Hawthorne

Date married, 3rd. February 1854, St. John Hale, Bachelor, Weaver, Ballydown, Fathers name, Richard Hale, Farmer.
Mary Crossey, Spinster, Servant, Drumnavaddy, Fathers name, John Crossey, Labourer.
In the Presence of William Hale and Samuel Mercer. In the Parish Church In the Parish of Seapatrick, William Metz, 3rd. February 1854


Family of St. John Hale and Mary Crossey

St. John.(Sinjon) Hale, born1855
Sarah Jane Hale, born 1856 , married Thomas Mercer, who died 1906. their family, Elizabeth Mercer born 1868, Sarah Mercer born 21 Feb.1869, Margaret Mercer born 27 Aug. 1871 and Ellen Mercer born 6 April 1873.another daughter Emily Mercer was born circa 1874, this daughter Emily was a school teacher in Banbridge, my grandmother Emily Hawthorne nee Hale, had often said this was her cousin, this was correct

Margaret Hale, born 1860

Catherine Hale, born 1864
Maria Hale, born 18th. Aug 1868
Anna Maria Hale, born 8th. Aug. 1871
Emily Selina Hale, born 12th.Feb. 1875


In the 1901 Banbridge census, residents of the house at 24 in Kilpike, Banbridge

Frank Hale, head, age 65, farmer,
Elizabeth Hale, wife, age 60
Mary Ann, daughter, age 30
Hamilton Hale, son, age 22, millwright


Taken from  headstones in Seapatrick Church graveyard

HALE. Three polished granite headstones in a low railed enclosure, family burying ground of Richard Hale, Drumnavaddy, who died 7th.May 1875 aged 80 years, and his wife Jane Hale who died in 1865 aged 68 years. Also of their children. William Hale, born 17th. January, 1829 died 16th.March 1881,Nancy, his wife, born 24th.April 1828, died 2nd. Sept. 1875. St.John Hale born in 1831, died January 1899. Mary his wife died December 1908 aged 80 years. Richard Hale, born 9th. March 1841, died 28th. april 1906, His wife Mary born 31st. May 1840, died 22nd. Sept. 1924. Francis Hale, died 30th. Dec. 1924 age 92 years. Elizabeth, his wife, died 8th. Jan. 1908, aged 74 years.


James, son of Francis Hale, died 18th.May 1938. His wife Mary Hale, died 18th. December 1957. William son of Francis and Elizabeth Hale, died 18th. April 1945 aged 74 years. Also their daughter Elizabeth died in infancy. Hamilton, son of Francis and Elizabeth Hale, died 12th. April 1951 aged 73 years, Also his wife Annie died 19th. Oct. 1966 aged 88 years. Francis, son of Francis and Elizabeth Hale died 17th. July 1961 age 100 years. Also his wife Francis Ann died 19th.April 1960 age 82 years

Taken from a tombstone in Seapatrick Graveyard

Richard Hale born 1795, Drumnavaddy, died 7th. May 1875 age 80, married Jane Renshaw ,born 1796, died 1865 age 68, Family of Richard & Jane 
William Hale, born 17th. Jan. 1829, died 16th. March 1881
St. John Hale, born 1831, died Jan. 1899, Mary Crossey his wife died Dec. 1908 age 80.                       
Richard Hale, born 9th. March 1841, died 28th. April 1906, Mary his wife born 31st May 1840 died 22nd Sept. 1924 Francis Hale, born 1832, died 30th. Dec 1924 age 92. Elizabeth McSpadden his wife died 8th., Jan.1908 age 74.

Notes on the Hale family

There is a connection with the Hamilton Hale Sr. who was granted land at Drummond, Banbridge and farmed land at Drumnavaddy. The Christian name Hamilton has come up in my grandmother, Emily Selina Hales family, also her grandfather was Richard Hale from Drumnavaddy.

Hamilton Hale, born 1788, died 27th. May1881 at Scarva Hill, Banbridge


Comments: BIOGRAPHY: Hamilton Hale Sr. was descended in direct line from Richard Hale who was granted land at Drummond, Banbridge for his services at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. the Dungannon Hales are a junior branch of the family.
He farmed 6 or 7 acres at Drumnavady. This information was given by Robin Slowe, who is also researching the Hale ancestors, Robins email address is,

It has been pointed out to me by Alison Guy, Herbie Hawthorne's daughter, that Hamilton Hale son of Francis and Elizabeth Hale who died 12th. April 1951, signed the Ulster Covenant along with Thomas Henry Hawthorne, Emily Hawthorne nee Hale also signed the Covenant


Copy of the New Testament presented to Sgt. Hawthorne, Coronation 1911,Thanks to Alison





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