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1901 Census house 2 in Meeting House Road (West Urban (Banbridge), Down



1901 Census, 67 in Scarva Street (West Urban (Banbridge), Down


1911 Census, house 6 in Meeting House Road (Banbridge West Urban


1911 Census, Residents of a house 48 in Reilly Street (Banbridge West Urban



Should read Esther McCormick (her mark)


These were the witnesses at John Hawthorne and Susan Hamiltons wedding, William Hamilton was Henry Hamiltons brother








Wounded left hand and medals awarded

Attestation form on joining the army, Belfast 1914,John Scott had previously served in the .Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers  and now signed on again


This document should read

St. John Hale not Hales, Richard Hale not Hales, Jane Renshaw not Runchy
istakes in the name spelling were frequent in old birth, baptismal and marriage records, as names were often spelt as pronounced


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Sister of Emily Hawthorne nee Hale


Sister of Emily Hawthorne nee Hale


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Medal card for John Hawthorne, killed 1915 France

Disembarked France,18/3/15, killed 9/5/15,the (1) after this date is the 1st.Battalion. John Hawthorne would have taken part in the battle of Neuve Chapelle


Army register of soldiers effects to be sent to next of kin, note it is Emily,



The date of birth for my mother is correct, Ministers name for Seapatrick Church is correct, what were they doing in Glasgow?

Is this just a mistake, My mother was borne in Banbridge, had they friends there or relations,or on holiday, anyone help.




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