Page 1 R.Herby Hawthorne, Harry Irvine, Carson Hawthorne, Reuben Cree, Billy Kelly and Tommy Hawthorne
My uncles and  my father


Herby Hawthorne, Son of Thomas Henry and Emily Hawthorne, husband of Nancy Orr


Emily Hawthorne ,my grandmother and my mother, Florence (Flo) Kelly nee Hawthorne and a young Raymond


Carson Hawthorne

Young herby Hawthorne and brother Reggie


Emily Selina Hawthorne nee Hale - Born, Dec. 2 1875, Selina Emily Lindsay nee Cree - Born Nov. 9 1926, Iris Percy nee Hawthorne -
Born 31 March 1942, Dora Hawthorne - Born 26 August 1944 - Child in stroller Robin Lindsay - Born Sept 5, 1956.

Thomas Henry Hawthorne husband of Emily Hawthorne nee Hale

Emily Hawthorne nee Hale




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