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My Fatherís Side


Kelly Raymond
(Myself) Born 9th November 1933 in Banbridge Co Down, now living in Scotland, married Catherine Sandford Miller 1954 in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland,

Kelly William James
(My Father)   Was born March 26th.1909 in Quilly, Dromore, and died 1986 in Lanark, Scotland.
William James Kelly married Maria Florence Hawthorne, born 31st July 1893 on November 11th.1932 in Scarva St. Church Banbridge, Maria Florence Kelly, nee Hawthorne died 1978 in Lanark, Scotland.

Family of William James Kelly and Maria Florence Kelly
Raymond Kelly, born 9th November,1933,Banbridge, now residing Scotland, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
William James Kelly, born 1934, Banbridge, now residing Bangor, County Down, R.O.A.C
Phyllis Kelly, born 1935,Banbridge, now residing Scotland
Irene Kelly, born 1938  Banbridge now residing Australia

Children of Raymond Kelly and Catherine
Margaret Kelly, born 28th Feb.1955, Scotland
Florence Kelly, born 15th May 1958,Scotland died 13th Dec. 1958
Phyllis Kelly, born 3rd. November 1960 died 4th. November 2016
Irene Kelly, born 9th. Nov. 1963, Scotland
Maureen Kelly, born 14th Oct. 1964, Scotland

Notes for William James Kelly

Robert Watson's Bar at the bottom of Gallows Street, was managed by his brother Charlie for years, when they died, it was bought by the Neeson family, who pulled it down whereupon it ceased as licensed premises.. This is the pub my father worked in as a bar man towards the end of ww2, I used to go with him at the weekends , wash the tumblers and carry the drinks upstairs, closing time we walked over Barban Hill to my grandmothers at the Quilly burn, a cup of tea and then on to the Banbridge bus

Thomas John Kelly.  My paternal grandfather was born in Dromore County Down ,16 June 1876, occupation Dealer, died in Dromore 1946. Thomas John Kelly married Catherine Marks from Kilkeel, on Oct. 7th.1904 in Dromore. Church of Ireland, Thomas John Kelly served the 5th. Batt.Royal irish Rifles, Boer War.

Notes for Catherine Marks

Catherine Marks was born 1881 in the Valley road, Moneydorragh Beg, Ballymartin , died , Dromore 1965, Her parents were John Marks from the Longstone district and Catherine Reilly from the valley Road, Moneydorragh Beg, Catherine Reillys father was Jordan Reilly from the Valley road.


Children born of Thomas John Kelly and Catherine Kelly, nee Marks
Alfred Marks later Kelly, born 22nd November 1903 in Dromore, married Enid Sloan., no children
Joseph Kelly born 1st December 1904 at Quilly Dromore
Joseph Thomas Kelly born 12 September 1905, Quilly Dromore
Sarah Anne Kelly born 13th June 1907 at Quilly Dromore, one of twins
James McDowell Kelly, 13 June 1907, at Quilly Dromore. One of twins,
William James Kelly, born 30th March 1909 at Quilly Dromore, died 1986 Lanark Scotland, married Florence Hawthorne
Joseph Thomas Kelly, born June 17th 1915 at Balleny Dromore,married Sarah McKnight
David Henry Kelly,(Harry) born 26th October 1918 in Balleny Dromore  died 1970 ?

Deaths in the family of Thomas John Kelly and his wife Catherine Kelly nee Marks

John Kelly died 26th December age 6 Months at Quilly Dromore age 6 Months
Sarah Anne Kelly died 15th April 1906 age 30 minutes at Quilly Dromore
Joseph Kelly died 10th October 1905 age 1 month at Quilly Dromore
Joseph Kelly died 6th September 1904 age 6 days at Quilly Dromore
James McDowell Kelly, 13 June 1907, at Quilly Dromore. One of twins,


Notes for Catherine Kelly nee Marks

Catherine Kelly nee Marks was born 1881, in the Valley Rd, Moneydarragh Beg, Ballymartin,

Parents of Catherine Marks

John Marks born 1845 in the Longstone area of Mourne, he married Catherine Reilly from Valley Rd, Ballymartin on Dec. 7th. 1865, they lived in Carginagh, later on they moved to Millbay in 1872,

Children of John Marks and Catherine Reilly
John Marks, born 1st. July 1867
Ellen Marks, born 30th May 1884,
Mary Marks, born 24 Feb. 1870
Thomas Marks, born 26 April 1878,died 1956, married Mary Kelly from Drumaness
William Marks, born Feb. 26. 1876, died 1958,
Peter Marks, born 8 April 1865
Hugh Marks, born May 24th. 1880 died 1968, married Maggi O'Connell from Shinn,

Catherine Marks, born 9 Dec. 1873 died 1965, married Thomas Kelly from Dromore.
Robert Marks, born 1882
Elizabeth Ann Marks, born 1st. Jan. 1882
Sarah Jane Marks, born June 1st 1887 Kilkeel


Ellen Marks married James Wright and had 6 children, Ellen Marks died on the 23rd April 1921 in Lurgan


Grand parents of Catherine Marks nee Reilly

Jordan Reilly, born 1805,  Moneydarragh Beg, married Catherine?.  died 1879,

1841 Census

Jordan Reilly born 1801, head
Catherine Reilly, born 1811, wife
Betty, daughter, born 1833
Thomas, son, born 1835
Mary, daughter, born 1839

1851 Census

Jordan Reilly 50
Catherine 46
Betty 16
Thomas 14,, born 1836
Mary 12, born 1839
Catherine 8,born1843,Married John Marks
John 6 born 1845

Dates in the above censuses cannot be relied upon.

Francis Reilly brother of Jordan Reilly and Francis Reilly's son Francis lived in adjoining land on the Valley road Moneydarraghbeg,  Ballymartin

Jordan Reilly. Kilkeel was a witness at the marriage of William McArtin & Ellen Flannagan 23 May 1846 at Lower Mourne Catholic Church


John Kelly,
my Parental great grandfather was born in Dromore circa 1848, and died in Dromore 1917.he married Sarah Anne McDowell

daughter of James and Elisa McDowell nee Kelly  from Dromore, April 10th. Dromore First Presbyterian Church.

Marriage,  Dromore First Presbyterian Church. John Kelly, age 25, bachelor, Born Dromore County Down, occupation, dealer, Father, John Kelly, occupation, dealer.
Sarah Ann McDowell, spinster, father, James McDowell, occupation, farmer, from Quilly, Dromore.
Witnesses at wedding were, Alexander Patterson and Margaret Jane McDowell

Children of John Kelly and Sarah Anne Kelly nee McDowell, All family signed the Ulster Covenant.
Thomas John Kelly, born 16 June 1876, Dromore, occupation Dealer,
5th. Batt. Royal Irish Rifles,  died 1946 , Dromore, Thomas John Kelly married Catherine Marks. Thomas Kelly owned a shop in Rampart street, Dromore,"The West End Supplies", later on  he owned a "Fish and Chip shop" in Rampart street.
David Henry Kelly, born 6 Aug. 1870, Dromore
, served 5th. Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, died 1950,married (Minnie) Mary Gourley , 4th.Aug.1908, Dromore Church of Ireland.
James Kelly, born 9th Feb.1874, died 1912,
Joseph McComb Kelly, born 1878,Dromore died 1938, Dromore,

Joseph McComb Kelly married Agnes McIlroy, 18th. June 1914 in Dromore Church of Ireland, his wife Agnes died later that year. Joseph McComb Kelly remarried Minnie Heggarty in the Church of Dromore on 5th. March 1916

Notes for John Kelly and Sarah Anne McDowell.

1901 Census, , House 74, Quilly, Dromore

John Kelly, head, age 58, farmer, Church of Ireland,   ( my great grandfather)
Sarah Kelly, wife, age 53, farmer,  (my great grand mother)
James Kelly, son, age 26, agricultural  labourer, not married
Joseph, McComb Kelly, son, age 14


1911 Census, 2 Rampart Street, Dromore

Daniel. H. Kelly, head, age 28, dealer, Church of Ireland, (this is David, (Davie) Kelly my grandfathers brother
Minnie Kelly, nee Gourley, wife, age 25, (my aunt Minnie)
William David Kelly, son,
born 1911, Dromore, married Sarah Gardiner,
Joseph Kelly, son born 1914 married ?


1911 Census, house 6 in Quilly, Dromore

Sarah Ann Kelly, head, age 63, farmer, widow, Church of Ireland,  (my great grand mother)
James Kelly, son, age 36, agricultural labourer, single
Joseph Kelly, son, age 24, grocers assistant, single


1911 Census, house 4 Balleny, Quilly, Dromore

Thomas John Kelly, head, age 34, agricultural labourer, Church of Ireland, (my grand father)
Catherine Kelly, wife, nee Marks, age 33,( my grand mother)
Alfred John, son, age 6, (my uncle Alfie)
Sarah Ann, daughter, age 3, (Kitty's mother)
William James, son, age 2, (my father)


My uncle Henry, (Harry) Kelly my fathers brother,, Served in the Royal Navy 1942 to 1945


My Grandfather, Royal Irish Rifles,  (South Down Militia) 5th. Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, Boer War, 14/18 war

My Uncle Davie, my grandfathers brother, Royal Irish Rifles, 5th Batt. (South Down Militia) Boer War, 14/18 war

My uncle Alfred (Alfie)Kelly, my fathers brother

My grandfather Thomas Kelly (Tam) birth certificate

James McDowell Kelly, my father's brother

Joseph Kelly, my father's brother

Joseph Kelly, my grandfathers brother


My grandfathers brother James Kelly


My father Enniskillen Fusiliers, and my mother,

Raymond Kelly, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

Billy Kelly, my brother, R.A.O.C



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