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Newspaper Articles with connections to the Sandford Family



Wishaw Press & Advertiser


August 22, 1885

Catherine (Lenaghan) Sandford and Mary Ann (Sandford) McCudden (wives of Matthew Sandford and James McCudden)

Disgraceful Conduct – Catherine Lenition or Sandford, widow and her daughter, Mary Ann Sandford or M'Cudden, a labourer’s wife, were accused of cursing and swearing and abusing a neighbour named Mrs. Watson in Kirk Road on the 6th inst.  They were both convicted.  The Baillie severely reprimanded them, saying that since he first sat in that court he had never heard more disgraceful language than had been used by the prisoners.  He fined them each 12s 6d or 10 days in jail.

June 11, 1887 (page 11, column 2c)

Matthew Sandford (son of Matthew Sandford and Catherine Lenaghan)

Shocking Accident at the Wishaw Steel Works – On Thursday afternoon a young man named Matthew Sandford, a steelworker, residing in Kirk Road, was seriously injured in the Glasgow Iron Company’s steel work at Wishaw.  He was engaged in adjusting the ladle for receiving the steel from the converter, when, owing to some unforeseen circumstance, the melting vessel was overturned, and the whole of the liquid metal ran out, falling a distance of about four feet to the ground.  A large quantity of the molten steel splashed up on Sandford, burning him in a dreadful manner about the body, face and legs, and setting his clothes on fire.  Several of his fellow workmen immediately came to his assistance, and medical aid was at once obtained.  Dr’s Livingstone and Eaglesham dressed the unfortunate man’s injuries, and ordered his removal to the Glasgow Infirmary, where he lies in a critical condition.

December 22, 1905

Matthew McCudden (son of James McCudden and Mary Ann Sandford)

Shameful Case of Malicious Mischief – Two youths named William Devlin, apprentice moulder, Caledonian Road, and Matthew M’Cudden, apprentice painter, Academy Street, appeared to answer a charge of having on Sunday, 3rd December, at the property in course of erection in Main Street, belonging to Mrs. Harper, wife of the parish minister, willfully and maliciously destroyed a quantity of paint and also damaged the plaster of the ceilings by throwing stones against it.  They plead guilty.  The Fiscal said this was a shameful case of malicious mischief these lads had perpetrated, and there was less excuse for them seeing they were not mere schoolboys.  The damage they had done was very considerable and he did not know what was their object in indulging in such a frolic.  They had evidently gone to the building between one and four o’clock on Sunday afternoon, which showed that they had not been at church.  He thought some severe punishment might deter them from doing the like again.  The Provost accordingly imposed a fine of 10 shillings or seven days imprisonment.


1944  (copy did’nt capture date at top of page)

Matthew Sandford  (grandson of William Sandford and Mary McCudden)

Hong Kong Message, First in Two Years – “Keep Smiling” – This cheery postcard message, the first in over two years has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sandford Sr, Toronto, from their son, Private Matthew Sandford Jr, a prisoner of war in Hong Kong.  A member of the Canadian Queen’s Own Rifles, he was taken prisoner in December 1941.  Two undated postcards from him also reached Mr. and Mrs. Sandford on the same day.  The Sandford’s have received only these three postcards from their son, the first arriving in August 1942.  Mrs. Sandford (Sarah Brawley)  is a sister of Mr. Hugh Brawley, 32 Crinkledyke Crescent, Newmains.  Before leaving for Canada 19 years ago, the Sandford’s resided in Cambusnethan, where Private Sandford was born.













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